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In an industry filled with run-of-the-mill options, Direct Metal Structures strives to stand out by offering superior products and support to every customer it has the opportunity to work with. Behind this intense focus on customer satisfaction are years of experience and expertise in the industry. With a dedicated team of caring professionals ready to assist you, you can be rest assured that every question and concern you have will be addressed clearly and concisely until you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to buy.

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Our Mission

No stone will be left unturned as Direct Metal Structures’ works to become your trusted resource for all things related to a metal building. With an unwavering focus on providing you, the customer, with unparalleled service and securing the position as the undisputed leader in the metal building industry, you can be confident in commitment to excellence provided by Direct Metal Structures.

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Our Vision

Each and every person Direct Metal Structures comes in contact with is not just a potential customer, they are a valued relationship. Direct Metal Structures believe this is what is missing from the metal building industry—a genuine caring for the customer—and that the customer service in the industry reflects that lack. That’s why Direct Metal Structures is committed to going above and beyond to provide the absolute best customer service possible. That’s with it partners with the direct manufacturers in the industry—to ensure you only receive the highest-quality products and services. No matter what your needs may be, Direct Metal Structures work tirelessly with its partners to make sure you can receive exactly what you are looking for. No customer should leave feeling unsatisfied, and Direct Metal Structures is determined to see they don’t!

Why Choose Direct Metal Structures?

From foundation to finish, we have the materials and service to help make your next build a success.


Direct Metal Structures is committed to providing straightforward, honest information to its customers.


With Direct Metal Structures, what you see is what you get, and trust us—that’s a good thing!


Direct Metal Structures holds it and its employees to a high standard. This accountability ensures that you, the customer, are treated with the respect you deserve.

Commitment to Customers


Honesty, transparency, and accountability all coalesce to form integrity. Direct Metal Structures claim to adhere to its values and principles, it means it.


Direct Metal Structures maintain these high standards so that it can be the name you trust in the metal building industry.

The Best Building Specialists in the Industry

In order to provide you with the finest customer service in the industry, Direct Metal Structures had to assemble a team of the best building specialists in the industry. From helping you customize your building to your heart’s content to providing you with detailed information about literally any aspect of steel structures, these experts are happy to answer questions, guide you through the various processes you’ll encounter, and otherwise provide you with the best customer experience possible.

What Does Direct Metal Structures Offer?

No matter what your intended application may be, Direct Metal Structures has a metal building for you. The variety of metal buildings offered by Direct Metal Structures is incredibly diverse and includes commercial buildings, custom metal buildings, metal barns, metal carports, metal garages, RV covers, utility buildings, and more!

Why You Should Choose Direct Metal Structures?

With the amount of pride Direct Metal Structures has in its work, you can expect to receive not only excellent customer service, top-quality buildings, and exceptionally low prices, but also a dedicated commitment to each customer’s unique needs and values. Direct Metal Structures works with every customer to determine the best deal for their specific budget, location, needs, timeline, values, and more.

To experience Direct Metal Structures’ difference, you don’t have to wait in line or jump through hoops. All you have to do is call us today  888-277-7950. Whether you have basic metal building questions or are ready to discuss your situation and find a metal building that will fit it best, the stellar customer service experts from Direct Metal Structures are ready to help. Contact us here.

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