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Rent-To-Own Metal Buildings

We offer popular rent-to-own options to help make purchasing the metal carport or garage of your dreams a reality.

In the United States, metal buildings have seen a massive surge in popularity. A large contributor to this uptick in popularity is the flexibility and versatility of these customizable steel structures. They can be adapted to practically any application and any need you may have.

Direct Metal Structures is taking that same flexibility and applying it to financing options. A result of this commitment to helping you, the customer, buy the perfect metal building for your needs is rent-to-own buildings. The advantages of this option are many, and the process is simple.

Benefits Of Rent-To-Own Program By Direct Metal Structures

No Credit Check

There is no need for your credit to be checked when applying for the rent-to-own steel structure program offered by Direct Metal Structures. This provides more flexibility and opportunity for those from all financial backgrounds. It also eliminates another barrier between you and the financing you need, making the process of securing your metal building easier than ever.

Instant Approval

When expediency is important, rent-to-own metal buildings are the best choice. The application process is incredibly quick, granting instant approval so that you can order, receive, and use your building in record time. Don’t wait around wondering what your next step will be—get instantly approved!

Payoff Anytime

Direct Metal Structures offers rent-to-own metal buildings as a way to provide maximum flexibility to its customers. With the ability to pay off the balance at any time, Direct Metal Structures takes this financial flexibility to the next level!

Month-to-Month Contract

One of the primary benefits of rent-to-own steel structures is the flexibility the program offers. Part of that flexibility comes in the form of month-to-month contracts that give you the financial freedom to keep your funds available for other necessities while still making payments toward metal building ownership.

How to Apply to Our Rent-to-Own Program

Applying to rent-to-own financing program at Direct Metal Structures can be done in four simple steps.


Once you’ve pinpointed the perfect metal building for your purposes, you will need to apply for steel building financing. To do so, simply fill out the Rent-To-Own Application here. The entire process is extremely streamlined!


Your time is valuable, so Direct Metal Structures won’t keep you waiting. Approval generally takes only a few minutes! Once you’re approved, you’re pretty much ready to receive your new metal building.


After receiving your metal building financing approval, the next big step is the installation of your building. Whether you choose to take advantage of installation services or do it yourself, installing your building is one of the most exciting steps of the entire process.


Now, all you have to do is enjoy your new building and make your monthly payments in a timely manner. Yep, it’s that simple!


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